Car Defects Product Liability in Nevada

Car Defects Product Liability in Nevada

Car Defects Product Liability in Nevada

If you are in an auto accident, there is a chance it is the result of a car defect as opposed to driver negligence. If you know or suspect your vehicle’s defect was fully responsible for the accident or played a role in the accident, the most important thing you can do is lean on a proven Nevada auto accident attorney for legal guidance. Let’s take a look at how to proceed after such an accident.

Remain Calm

If your vehicle is falling apart or if you are injured in the aftermath of the accident, do not panic. Remain calm, take pictures of the defective vehicle, snap some shots of your injuries, contact the insurance company and reach out to the police so an official accident report can be created. If you are hurt, contact emergency medical personnel so you can be treated. Do not state you are sorry or apologize for the accident as doing so makes it clear you are accepting fault.

Lean o a Trusted Mechanic to Inspect Your Vehicle

The condition of your vehicle including the supposedly defective component will go a long way in determining if you are found legally liable for the accident or if another party will be determined to be negligent. A trusted auto mechanic should perform an inspection of the vehicle to document what part or parts failed. The mechanic’s analysis will go a long way in proving the car maker, part maker or mechanic who last worked on the vehicle is at fault. Furthermore, there might be a situation that arises in which you suspect another person’s vehicle component is the cause of the accident. If this is the case, contact your Nevada personal injury attorney to spearhead your quest for justice. Your attorney will help coordinate the inspection of the vehicle involved in the accident to determine if a faulty part is the true cause of the accident.

Determining Negligence

Nevada is considered to be an at fault state in the context of car accidents. In other words, auto insurers and courts within the state are required to determine which party or parties are responsible for the accident. The overarching aim is to determine which parties are fully or partially at fault for the accident and the percentage of fault each is responsible for. The bottom line is if there was a manufacturing defect or a mechanical problem that you could not have reasonably been aware of or had time to get repaired, you should not be held legally responsible for the accident.

Be Mindful of the Statute of Limitations

Nevada has a statue of limitations for lawsuits stemming from auto accidents. Once two years from the date of the accident passes, a lawsuit cannot be filed. This is precisely why it is in your interest to lean on a Nevada personal injury attorney to act on your behalf. Keep in mind, there might have been a manufacturing defect in your vehicle or one involved in the crash that was not known about when the accident occurred yet subsequently revealed in the months after. If the crash is the result of a defect in an automotive component, unique limitations periods might prove applicable.

Let a Proven Nevada Auto Accident Attorney Handle Your Case

The moral of this story is auto accidents in Nevada that result from one or several automotive defects have the potential to prove quite complicated. Instead of trying to piece together the legal puzzle on your own, rely on an experienced personal injury attorney to do the work on your behalf.

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